The other terms and conditions to have love was basically not suitable

Leon Morris really does an intensive study of various Hebrew and you will Greek words that individuals convert when you look at the English since love within his book, Testaments off Love

15 When they’d complete break fast, God ^thought to Simon Peter, “Simon, [son] out of John, can you like Myself more such?” The guy ^considered Him, “Yes, Lord; You are sure that that i like Your.” The guy ^thought to him, “Tend My lambs.” sixteen He ^believed to him once more a moment go out, “Simon, [son] off John, might you love Me personally?” The guy ^said to Him, “Sure, Lord; You are aware that i love Your.” He ^thought to him, “Shepherd My sheep.” 17 He ^said to your the next date, “Simon, [son] regarding John, can you like Me?” Peter was hookup dating sites grieved due to the fact He said to your the next time, “Are you willing to like Me personally?” In which he believed to Your, “Lord, You understand things; You know that we love You. “Goodness ^thought to your, “Are most likely My personal sheep.

This really is some of those verses where the English translation doesn’t reveal the newest effect that is about Greek since a couple different Greek terms, ajgapavw /agapa and you may filevw /phileo, regarding text are usually interpreted because the exact same English phrase, “like.” Brand new NASB footnotes so it, plus the translations by Weymouth, Darby and Young carry out create a positive change, however, also they don’t make a distinction between the two Greek terms which happen to be both translated since the “know” ( oi]da /oida and you will ginowvskw /ginosk ).

In the every one of these inquiries, Jesus address contact information Peter just like the “Simon.” Some have ideal one to Jesus put this specific identity getting him to call awareness of their backsliding to your their old way of living. Maybe that will be correct, having God had just stuck Simon fishing having seafood unlike boys. not, Goodness constantly handled your as “Simon” (Matthew ; ; Mark ; Luke 7:40; ; John step one:42; ,sixteen,17) rather than Peter (Luke ; John step 1:42), very simply the utilization of the label, “Simon,” is not definitive to bring that completion.

However, Jesus’ first question does problem Peter’s commitment. Right back into nights the past Dinner, Peter got boasted how he was way more purchased God than simply all the someone else, to possess he’d not fall out though all the other people performed (Matthew ). Jesus’ concern carry out present the thing that was inside the center. “Simon, son regarding John, can you like Me personally over this type of?” The expression “love” the following is ajgapavw /agapa . The new noun particular the word was ajgavph /agape. That is a quite interesting and incredibly crucial word class.

Within his section talking about ajgavph /agape he cautiously cards that the noun type of the term is extremely uncommon into the Greek writing prior to the New testament, however, that it is put a bit commonly regarding the New-testament. The guy believes this is because the future out of God and you can Their give up from Himself for the cross to your all of our part brought a new concept out-of like and this particular phrase ended up being regularly express that style.

stovrgh / storge try the term to possess pure affection. The fresh love that occurs inside a family and you can attach them together with her inside the a natural group.

It’s the passion for child to own his fellow man and you may a female on her behalf family

filevw /phileo and you can filiva /Philia make reference to love one to extends outside the household members or natural group. It is the love of relationship.

ejpiqumiva / Epithymia makes reference to strong interest or interests. It can be put undoubtedly, since whenever Goodness got a powerful wish to consume the newest Passover with his disciples, otherwise it may be utilized negatively in the same way from lust or coveting.